Civilian Employment at Shaw AFB is coordinated through two offices, NAF Human Resources and Civilian Personnel. NAF Human Resources handles all Non Appropriated Fund employment. The Civilian Personel office handles all Appropriated Fund positions. Both offices are located in the MPF, Bldg 1118, located at 504 Shaw Drive on the second floor.


NAF Human Resources

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The NAF(Non Appropriated Fund)  Human Resources office is part of the Force Support Squadron (FSS). The mission of FSS is taking care of Air Force people while sustaining air combat forces through customer-focusted programs fostering espirit de corps and quality of life. FSS operates a variety of activities including the golf course, library, Youth Center, Child Development Center, Bowling Center as well as many other facilities within Shaw AFB. Civilian NAF employees are employed by the United States Air Force and paid from Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF). Although NAF employees are federal employees of the Department of Defense (DoD), NAF employees are separate and distinct from other Air Force civilian employees.

NAF Employee Handbook

NAF Union Contract

NAF Life Insurance Summary Sheet

APF Civilian Personnel

Air Force civilian employees are paid from funds appropriated (APF) by Congress. Career fields are varied and include civil engineering, communications and information, contracting, financial management, history and museums, science and engineering, and logistics.

504 Shaw Drive, Bldg 1118 (second floor)
(803) 895-1617

The Shaw AFB Civilian Personnel Office provides hands-on, first class internal and external customer service, assisting managers and supervisors in establishing and filling new positions, in-processing employees, funding and updating training, leave issues, performance awards, disciplinary actions, and a full range of employee-and labor-management related issues.

Appropriated Fund Civil Service Job Announcements

Civil Service job announcements for Shaw AFB are handled by the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) at Randolph AFB, TX. Those announcements can be found at Keep in mind that many of the announcements are for the purpose of establishing an open register (applicant file); the positions may not be vacant at that time. Please follow the instructions in the announcements regarding the application process. Applications are not accepted in this office for most vacancies; exceptions are provided below.

  • Physicians
  • Registered Nurses
  • Dental Assistants (Expanded Function ONLY)
  • Social Workers
  • Pharmacists
  • IT Specialists (2210)

There are a limited number of positions for which we normally have Direct Hire authority, meaning that we can take applications directly in our office for those positions only. The authorization is renewed on an annual basis (fiscal year). Please contact our office, before submitting your resume.

Military spouses on Leave-Without-Pay (LWOP) from Civil Service positions should contact us to schedule an appointment to register in the Priority Placement Program (PPP). The following documents required for this appointment include: a copy of the spouse's orders assigning them to Shaw AFB or the commuting area; a current resume; a SF50 (Notification of Personnel Action) reflecting the LWOP status; and a copy of the spouse's latest appraisal, if available.

For all job listings visit

Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center


Other Services Events

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More Info

Civilian Personnel Office
504 Shaw Dr.

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (803) 895-1617   
DSN: 965-1617

NAF Human Resources Office
2nd Floor
504 Shaw Dr.

Monday - Friday
8:00-11:30 a.m. 

Phone: (803) 895-1574  
DSN: 965-1575

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