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Congratulations on your assignment to Shaw Air Force Base!  Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. is home to the Air Force's largest combat F-16 wing. We stand ready to assist during your transition. The base is centrally located in the state of South Carolina with many points of interest within a reasonable driving distance. The Atlantic Ocean is 2 hours away with miles of beach available for vacation and recreational activities. To the east, Myrtle Beach and Charleston await you, with wonderful seasonal activities and great southern food. To the North you can enjoy cool mountain breezes or go white water rafting.

The City of Sumter, named for the Revolutionary War hero General Thomas Sumter who made his home here, has a spiritual communion with its past without being consumed by it. His tomb, a national historic site, is just one of the many treasures for local and visiting history buffs. Many retired military veterans who were stationed here at Shaw during their career are so taken with the area that they settle here permanently making Sumter's populace a seasoned and worldly group. Sumter today is one of the most economically balanced areas in the U.S. with a diversified income ranging from frozen foods to furniture, tools, paints, chemicals, medical supplies, heavy equipment, and high-tech electronics. Housing is inexpensive by national standards; and property taxes are correspondingly low. The population rates are:  City of Sumter, 42,000; Sumter County, 104,400; primary trade area (30-mile radius), 277,830.  The base operator's phone number is 803-895-1110, or DSN 312-965-1110.

Information for the Military Spouse

If your spouse is new to Shaw Air Force Base or to the Air Force way of life, It is highly recommended that you bring him or her to the Right Start Briefing. This briefing is a great introduction to Shaw AFB and the Sumter Community.  Childcare is available through our Family Child Care service.To receive up to 20 hours of free care contact Airman and Family Readiness Center at 895-1253 and request the childcare for PCS application. Members must present your orders when completing the short application process.

If you would like to volunteer, find employment in the area, learn what Air Force life is all about attend our next Heart Link class. It is an educational fun program. The 20th Fight Wing Commander will open the program and you will graduate and receive a spouse's coin. Spouses learn what is available to them for free and what to expect while you are stationed here at Shaw Air Force Base. It is a helpful way to build and establish new friends and learn about all the agencies available for the spouse, for free, on base. For more information, please contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at (803) 895-1253 or DSN 965-1253.

Do you need a few items until your household goods arrive?

Co-located with the Airman and Family Readiness Center, the Loan Closet is a free service. All items are available for military members, family members and other individuals PCSing in or out of Shaw Air Force Base for up to 30 days. Some items include futons, card tables, chairs, dishes, pots and pans, coffee pots, high chairs, portable cribs, and more. These must be returned in clean and serviceable conditions so they can be reissued to other families.

Please bring a copy of your orders when requesting items to check out from the Loan Closet.

What to do if your local key spouse has not contacted you before you PCS?

Unfortunately there are times when miscommunication happens and your local assigned key spouse is unable to contact you. Your Airman Family Readiness Center Community Readiness Specialist Mrs. Ara Thomas is here to help. If your assigned key spouse has not made direct contact with you please call Mrs. Thomas Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 803-895-1252. She will work with you to answer any questions you may have and connect you to your local key spouse.

Information at Your Fingertips

The following websites contain current, accurate, and detailed information about Shaw Air Force Base:
Shaw AFB Public Site
Shaw Base Guide
AFRC Facebook Page
Shaw Spouses' Club
Base Housing

Air Force Move

Air Force One Source
Air Force Crossroads
Air Force Portal

Once You Have Arrived Contact Your Sponsor

If you arrive at Shaw during normal duty hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, you should report directly to your gaining unit's commander's support staff. If you arrive during non-duty hours, report to the 24-hour base lodging office located at 464 Myers St., (803) 895-3803. On the next duty day, report to your gaining unit. If you do not know where your unit is located, report to the Military Personnel Flight, 504 Shaw Dr., between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Military personnel must be in uniform to in-process.

Please be sure to bring several copies of your orders and all hand-carried records you received from your previous base. Your records will be reviewed; you will complete your formal in processing and be scheduled for your Right Start appointments.

Once you sign in, you may be authorized permissive house hunting by your new commander. If you require further information about signing in or leave, contact your gaining squadron's commander's support staff or the Military Personnel Flight.

The following items are required for finance processing. If you took a travel advance, including: dislocation allowance, travel pay and per diem for authorized travel days, make sure you have receipts or pay records. Plane tickets purchased also require a receipt. Government-issued tickets are also required along with five copies of PCS orders. Receipts are required for expenses incurred of more then $25 (i.e. taxi, lodging, tolls, and traveler's checks). While en route, annotate locations, dates of departure, and arrival times to make filling out vouchers easier.

What to do if you get married en route?

If you get married in route to your new duty station you must inform your commander and register your spouse in DEERS with the Military Personnel Flight, Customer Service. Bring your marriage certificate for proof of marriage. Follow procedures exactly as you are given them. The military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.



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